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the most advanced GAMING Experience Ever

No Fiction, No Fantasy, No Fakes With Them Puts The Player In The Boots Of REAL Soldiers.

Real Military Veterans lend their story to create the most in-depth gameplay, environments, and integrated data features ever produced.

With Them: Frontlines

The initiative aims to raise awareness about veteran mental health and reduce the high suicide rate among veterans of the video game generation. 


The organization utilizes technology, particularly video games, to showcase the stories of veterans who have shared their experiences and encourage others to do the same. The aim is to promote a more informed conversation with healthcare providers and enhance the gameplay experience.

The game will also feature the ability to sync with an application that connects to wearables and smartphones to collect data to share with healthcare providers facilitating a more direct discussion between patient and provider. This information can be used as a part of the initial screening process to establish baselines for treated patients and evaluated throughout applied therapeutics to gauge the response to other therapies.





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Built with the same tools current AAA games are built with including Reallusion Character Creator 4 and iClone 8, NVidia RTX and Iray, and Unity HDRP.

Game Features

Easy Install and Access

Available on PC (ORE Stealth & Steam) and XBox Series S/X (Date TBD)


All the classic game modes including TDM, Capture the Flag, Demolition and more are available to the Online Multiplayer.

Detailed and immersive linear campaign play offers a view of war like no other, from the perspective of the soldier on the ground.

Online Multiplayer

13 Global Multiplayer servers provide access and speed to all players. Dedicated server voice channels and Discord support allow for players to communicate and coordinate their tactics.


Each Character featured in With Them: Frontlines is a real person. The military veterans featured have provided their stories and their likeness for a AAA experience.

Matchmaking & Events

Play Your Way!
In game matchmaking allows players to party with their squad or find new games and players from the main menu. No complicated menus.


With Them: Frontlines allows players to interact with vehicles, tanks, airplanes and more. Each map offers a variety of different vehicles to choose and fight from.

Daily Achievements & Rewards

Ongoing in-game seasons, achievements, ranking, and special awards are earnable through gameplay and community events.
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Global Locations

With Them: Frontlines brings the player around the globe to real locations and real battles. Featuring geographical, topographical, and satellite data for the game environments.


Track your stats and progress against the community and earn your ELO rank!


Each level and accomplishment allows the player to continually expand and individualize their character and loadout. Special edition character skins, gun camos, emblems and calling cards keep the excitement going.

System Requirements

- RAM: 16 Gb
- HDD/SDD Space: 50 Gb
- Video Card: 2Gb
- OS: Windows

Launch Date

November 21, 2023


Special Forces Veterans with dozens of years of experience and deployments spanning 30 years of service and operations share their stories and experiences to create the most immersive gameplay for each player. 

Rick Lamb
Karl Erickson
Brian Halstead

Mental Health and Medical Advisors

Mental Health and Medical Advisors provide the development team with direct input from game therapy and psychological and neurological recovery perspectives to guide the development of the in-game experiences.

Stephen Tang, M.D.
Dung Trinh, M.D.

Support Veterans Mental Health

Key Community Features


Create Your Team And Invite Your Friends
Awesome Pages For Your Team, Fully Customizable With Unlimited Possibilities!

create communities

Through Community, Each Individual is Stronger.
With Them Creates A Space For Veterans And Gamers Alike To Create A Shared Community.

Health Metrics

Game-Changing Solutions
Mental Health and Emotion-Based Health Companion Mobile App Integrate Hyperledger Fabric and Azure Cognitive Services AI for Mental Health Data Analysis At Scale.


With Them Provides Gamers Of All Styles Interactive And Crossplay Support For PC (ORE Stealth / Steam) and Xbox Series S/X.

Team Matches

  • Create teams
  • Fight Matches
  • Record Scores
  • Team Management
  • Fully integrated

Custom Profiles

  • Customizable Profile page
  • Extensive Settings
  • Forums and Topics
  • Friends & Teams

Mobile Companion App Features

The With Them: Frontlines mobile companion app allows players to correlate their wearable data to in-game experiences. This data is anonymously recorded and can provide insight into how an individual experiences each scenario in the game. 


Companion App and Health Metrics Is Optional and Is Not Required For With Them: Frontlines Gameplay.


  • Fitbit Support
  • Track Heart Rate
  • Track Blood Pressure

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