Beyond the Call: A Soldier’s Sacrifice

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author image by kizzmyanthia | 0 Comments | April 7, 2023

As we celebrate Veterans Day, it is important to remember the sacrifices that our brave soldiers have made for our country. Beyond the call of duty, veterans have put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and way of life. However, many of them return home with invisible wounds that can last a lifetime. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues are prevalent among veterans, leading to a high rate of suicide. ‘With Them: Frontlines’, an upcoming video game, is using technology to raise awareness and support for veteran mental health.

Beyond the Call: The Sacrifices of Our Veterans

The sacrifices that our veterans have made cannot be overstated. They leave their families, friends, and homes to serve our country and defend our ideals. Many of them have experienced unimaginable trauma, witnessing violence and death on the battlefield. Even after they return home, the impact of their service can continue to haunt them. PTSD and other mental health issues are common among veterans, and the stigma surrounding it can prevent them from seeking help. It is our duty to honor and support our veterans beyond the call of duty.

How ‘With Them: Frontlines’ Is Making a Difference for Veterans’ Mental Health

‘With Them: Frontlines’ is an innovative video game that aims to raise awareness and support for veteran mental health. Developed by ORE System, the game is based on real military veterans and their experiences. The game features a single-player campaign that provides a first-person experience of what a real military veteran experienced in their own words. The multiplayer first-person shooter portion of the game features real military veterans as playable characters. The aim is to promote a more informed conversation with healthcare providers and enhance the gameplay experience. The game will also feature the ability to sync with an application that connects to wearables and smartphones to collect data to share with healthcare providers facilitating a more direct discussion between patient and provider.

‘With Them: Frontlines’ is more than just a video game. It is a platform for veterans to share their stories and for us to better understand their sacrifices. By utilizing technology, particularly video games, the initiative aims to reduce the high suicide rate among veterans of the video game generation. The game’s integrated monetization supports the further development and support for veteran charities. ‘With Them: Frontlines’ is a powerful tool for raising awareness and support for veteran mental health.

As we remember and honor our veterans this Veterans Day, let us also commit to supporting them beyond the call of duty. ‘With Them: Frontlines’ is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices that our veterans have made and the importance of supporting their mental health. Join us in supporting this initiative and making a difference in the lives of our veterans.

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