Breaking the Stigma: Gaming for Mental Health Support

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author image by kizzmyanthia | 0 Comments | April 18, 2023

Gaming for Mental Health Support: Breaking the Stigma

Video games have come a long way since their inception, from being considered as mere pastimes to being recognized as a powerful tool for social change. One major instance of this is the use of video games for mental health support. With the release of "With Them: Frontlines" on November 27, 2023, the IndieGoGo campaign for the game is live now. The game aims to raise awareness about veteran mental health and reduce the high suicide rate among veterans of the video game generation.

The organization behind the game, ORE System, aims to use technology, particularly video games, to showcase the stories of veterans who have shared their experiences and encourage others to do the same. The game will have a first-person experience mode that aims to remove the stigma of a veteran sharing their experience and story through gameplay. The multiplayer first-person shooter portion of the game provides a gameplay experience similar to Call of Duty (CoD) but features real military veterans as playable characters.

By using video games as a medium, the organization hopes to create a fully immersive game environment and storyline that integrates audio, video, and represented gameplay to recreate the event for the player. The aim is to promote a more informed conversation with healthcare providers and enhance the gameplay experience. With integrated monetization, the game supports the further development and support for veteran charities.

Using Technology to Facilitate Informed Conversations

The game also features the ability to sync with an application that connects to wearables and smartphones to collect data to share with healthcare providers. This facilitates a more direct discussion between patient and provider, as the information collected can be used as a part of the initial screening process to establish baselines for treated patients and evaluated throughout applied therapeutics to gauge the response to other therapies.

Through the use of technology, the game aims to provide support to veterans dealing with mental health issues. The organization believes that video games can be a powerful tool in breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health issues and providing a platform for people to share their experiences. By showcasing the stories of veterans through a video game, the organization hopes to create a more informed conversation about mental health issues and encourage others to seek help.

The organization behind the game recognizes that mental health issues are not limited to veterans, and they hope to expand their reach to others who may be struggling. They believe that video games can be a powerful tool in not only raising awareness but also providing support for those who need it.

Video games are often seen as just entertainment, but they can be so much more. With the use of technology, video games can provide a platform for individuals to share their experiences and promote a more informed conversation about mental health issues. "With Them: Frontlines" is an excellent example of how video games can be used to break down the stigma surrounding mental health issues and provide support for those who need it. By using video games to reach out to individuals dealing with mental health issues, we can create a more compassionate and supportive world.

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