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      Hello all!
      While on a Saturday road trip, I listened to a podcast discussing this mental health gaming initiative. Today, I dug into it, and I was able to find the original CBS podcast (link below). I was never in the military. Being a Boy Scout and a deer hunter was as close as I got. And when I was 18, I programmed a Commodore computer to sing the National Anthem. I lead a 3-year-old foundation that fights teen suicide, and I am always interested in potential mental health solutions like this project. I spent a long career as a computer scientist, so I often see life through a (constantly changing) technology lens. I was never a gamer, but I want to see how this plays out and study the feedback.

      My wife and I were recently blessed with our first grandchild, Henry. So, he will bring us special Thanksgiving joy as we visit with my daughter and her husband in a few days. I hope you all find ways to enjoy your holiday weekend.

      Separately, I have a theory about male DNA and our behavior and mental health that dates back hundreds of thousands of years. If you are interested in learning my theory, send me a note.


      Here is the Podcast that brought me here:

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