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In-Game Emblem Feature


Step up your support for veteran charities with our In-Game Emblem Feature on With Them: Frontlines. Get your organization’s logo featured as an in-game emblem and increase your visibility to a dedicated military community. This unique offer also includes a custom calling card for your supporters to showcase their loyalty. Join us in this interactive initiative, combining brand exposure with a noble cause. Make your mark today on With Them: Frontlines and align your brand with a mission that truly matters.

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In-Game Emblem Feature – Make Your Mark with With Them: Frontlines

Immerse your organization in the compelling world of ‘With Them: Frontlines,’ a ground-breaking online multiplayer first-person shooter game specifically developed with a deep respect and understanding of the military veteran community. By leveraging the emotive and immersive nature of modern gaming, this platform offers an unrivaled opportunity for charities, brands, or groups to increase their visibility while actively supporting veteran charities significantly.

This product is a unique chance to have your organization’s logo embedded into the game as an in-game emblem. This signifies your presence within the dynamic and thrilling game environment and allows players worldwide to resonate with your commitment to the cause. This connection creates a rich tapestry of shared respect and acknowledgment within the gaming community, further amplifying the visibility of your organization.

But we don’t stop there. Alongside the emblem, your custom calling card unique to your organization is also integrated. This distinctive feature allows your supporters to display their allegiance, bolstering community engagement while enhancing the game’s immersive experience.

Aligning your organization with ‘With Them: Frontlines’ is more than a mere brand placement. It’s a heartfelt show of solidarity with the military community, a sincere commitment to raising awareness about veteran mental health, and a firm stand against the alarmingly high suicide rates among the video game generation. Few other platforms provide such direct, meaningful access to this special demographic.

Centered around the authentic stories of military veterans, ‘With Them: Frontlines’ fosters a deep and enduring connection with its audience, creating an exceptional opportunity for your organization to engage with an audience passionate about supporting veterans.

Your emblem in ‘With Them: Frontlines’ is more than a symbol; it’s a beacon of your support, a mark of your solidarity, and a nod of respect to the valiant veterans who’ve sacrificed so much. It’s your chance to merge your brand identity with a cause that’s both relevant and deeply impactful.

Take this opportunity to purchase the In-Game Emblem Feature and embark on an unforgettable journey with ‘With Them: Frontlines.’ Start making a real difference today, all while significantly expanding your organization’s reach. It’s more than a game – it’s a movement. Will your organization be a part of it?


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