With Them: Frontlines, a First Person Shooter That Tells the Stories of Real Veterans and Real Combat Missions, from ORE Systems Launches Indiegogo Campaign

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Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and in Partnership with Clinical Providers, With Them: Frontlines will revolutionize how Veterans manage and treat PTSD

Austin, Texas – March 29th, 2023: ORE Sys, a video game development and software company owned by decorated Veterans, has announced the launch of its Indiegogo campaign for the creation and development of With Them: Frontlines, a first person shooter that tells the stories of real veterans and real combat missions, aimed at helping Veterans overcome and find solutions for PTSD. The game enables a Veteran to share their stories as a part of gameplay to eliminate the stigma of talking about challenging situations.  

“As Veterans, we know that something has to change with how we talk about, manage, and treat Post Traumatic Stress and other mental health challenges prevalent within the Veteran community,” stated Lucas Hamrick, Chief Executive Officer.  “Unfortunately, too many of our brothers and sisters in arms are not taking the opportunity to find someone to talk to about what is bothering them. Our game is designed to be a resource and solution to overcome that stigma and be a solution to remedying PTSD in the veteran community.” 

WithThem: Frontlines is a game created, developed, and distributed by Veterans for Veterans, and other patriotic Veteran supporters. The game starts with sharing; then, it shifts focus to randomized, non-attributable data collection if the gamer wants to participate. This data gives the Artificial Intelligence program information to look for patterns and measure data over time to benchmark changes (good or bad) to the individual playing. The developers have secured agreements with clinical providers to give developmental guidance to determine what data can be used to baseline users as they come into the military, measuring individuals over their careers. This could provide insights into specific events that cause deviation in the measurements.

“This is a monumental achievement in combating mental health challenges from raising awareness about veteran mental health to reducing the high suicide rate among veterans of the video game generation,” remarked Shawn Piatz, COO of ORE System. “Our organization utilizes technology, particularly video games, to showcase the stories of real veterans who have shared their experiences and encourage others to do the same. In addition, the end goal, or mission objective as one may say, is to promote a more informed conversation with healthcare providers about mental health, and enhance the gameplay experience.”

According to Journal of Veteran Studies Veterans commit suicide at a rate 1.5 times greater than their non-veteran civilian counterparts. Not only is this a public health concern due to the substantial loss of life, but because of the impact on suicide survivors. Research indicates exposure to suicide by others is related to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, depression, anxiety, non-suicidal self-injury, and suicidality (in the form of suicidal thoughts and behaviors).   The Study has stated that female veterans are 2.4 times more likely than non-veteran women to die by suicide. The data also indicate that while veterans account for 7.6% of the US adult population, they account for 18% of the completed suicides nationwide.  

The Teaser Trailer for With Them: Frontlines is available here .This is the third video game developed by Lucas Hamrick, Shawn Piatz, Nick Donarski, and Jonah Havel, all highly decorated former and current service members.

Veterans who know how to code or want to participate in another capacity can reach out on the company’s various social media channels, including Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, or Instagram.


Through storytelling and first-hand accounts by real military veterans, a fully immersive game environment, and storyline is created. The single-player campaign provides a first-person experience of what a real military veteran experienced in their own words. From integrated audio, video, and represented gameplay the events are recreated for the player. With Them: Frontlines is a playable mini-documentary that allows the player to “be there” and understand what each featured veteran really experienced.


Made by gamers for gamers, with an edge, ORE Sys, LLC, is a software company revolutionizing the gaming industry by reducing the time, cost, and experience a game developer needs to integrate technology into their games.  With Them: Frontlines is the culmination of the advancements the company made with integrated technology utilized in several other successful video game projects including “OSIRIS Protocol” and “Fight For the White House.”

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Join Us Now! (https://igg.me/at/WTFrontlines)

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