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The initiative aims to raise awareness about veteran mental health and reduce the high suicide rate among veterans of the video game generation. 


The organization utilizes technology, particularly video games, to showcase the stories of veterans who have shared their experiences and encourage others to do the same. The aim is to promote a more informed conversation with healthcare providers and enhance the gameplay experience.

The game will also feature the ability to sync with an application that connects to wearables and smartphones to collect data to share with healthcare providers facilitating a more direct discussion between patient and provider. This information can be used as a part of the initial screening process to establish baselines for treated patients and evaluated throughout applied therapeutics to gauge the response to other therapies.




Core Mechanics

  • Story-tellingWe aim to remain true to real-life operations, from well-known campaigns to recently declassified missions. Everything you experience in With Them: Frontline happened.
  • Classic FPS Action Running, Jumping, Climbing, Sniping, Firefights, Explosions.
  • Realism & Detail The environments, the operators, the equipment. We strive to be accurate in all historical elements…right down to the mustache!
  • Charity – Our goal is four select charities that will then select a compelling representative to be featured to tell their story through gameplay.
    • Many hero stories from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and all the grey wars are not being told. 
    • First-person perspective point of view of a veteran.
    • The character will be unlockable in multiplayer mode by completing the levels.  Once the player’s character completes the experience, ORE will donate to the charity pool.


  • Character classes
    • Recon
    • Assaulter
    • Engineer
    • Support
  • 5 In-game Characters Based on REAL Veterans (Initial)
  • 3 Photorealistic 4K Environments (Maps)
  • 6 Customizable Weapons
  • 78 Unlockable Levels
  • 18 Unlockable Calling Cards
  • 14 Unlockable Player Emblems
  • Game Modes
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Capture The Flag
    • Free For All
    • Elimination
    • Demolition
    • Kill confirmed
    • Cover Point
  • Weapon Customization System
    • Flash Hiders Suppressors
    • Optics
    • Magazine
    • Stocks
    • Camo
    • Demolition
  • Storyline Gameplay
    • Storyboard for each REAL veteran’s storyline
    • Story narrative and inset video
    • Script development
    • Level development
    • Materials and 4k photorealistic environment creation
    • Character creation
    • Linear gameplay development
    • Achievements and unlocks
  • Vehicle Systems
    • Cars / Trucks
    • Tanks
    • Helicopters
    • Airplanes

System Requirements

  • Operating System
    • Windows
  • RAM
    • 8Gb
  • HDD / SDD
    • 50Gb
  • Video Card
    • 2Gb Video Card
  • Controller Support
    • Keyboard / Mouse
    • Game Controller
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