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Brian Halstead

Brian Halstead Chief Halstead retired with over two decades of Special Operations experience. He spent years in the 2nd Ranger Battalion as a Forward Observer, working and living with the line company. He graduated from Ranger School class 11-85 as the junior man in the class as a PV2. As a senior FO, he helped conceive, write, develop, and implement the Combat Observation Laser Team concept (COLT). Chief Halstead attended too many schools to list, but essential to the early portion of his career was; HALO, Special Forces Sniper School, Enlisted Air Control in AZ, Naval gunfire Spotter Course (both…

by kizzmyanthia
February 27, 2023

Karl Erickson

Karl Erickson Sergeant Major (Retired) Karl Erickson has over 25 years of Military Experience; 18 years of experience within Army Special Forces, conducting all aspects of Special Operations, including training, execution, and technical oversight at the detachment, company, and combined joint task force level. SGM Erickson has earned numerous awards, including three Bronze Stars and an Army Commendation Medal for Valor. His military schooling includes Ranger school, Military Free Fall Jumpmaster, Special Forces Medic, SFARTEATC, and Special Forces Sniper, to name but a few. After retiring, SGM Erickson now serves as the Director of Special Projects at Ex Umbris International…

by kizzmyanthia
February 27, 2023

Richard C. Lamb

Richard C. Lamb Richard “Rick” Lamb (born February 23, 1959) is a retired US Army Command Sergeant Major with over forty years of experience planning and executing Joint, Combined, and Interagency Special Operations both in and out of uniform. During his twenty-six-year military career, he led soldiers in operations spanning the tactical level to the strategic, in over forty-nine countries, across five Continents, and in six Geographic Combatant Commands. He spent over twelve years overseas and participated in almost every major combat operation encompassing Operation EAGLE CLAW through Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. During a subsequent twelve-year career as a Department of…

by kizzmyanthia
February 27, 2023


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